• I work for a non-profit student development organization that partners with over 20 high schools. At my particular school, there have been several fights per week since 2015 that have stemmed from social media interactions. These fights and violence has caused harm to our school and it distracts students from learning. I look forward to bringing ReThink to our school – Social worker, Chicago, USA

  • I would like the adopt "ReThink" as a slogan for my daughters schools' anti-bullying campaign – Mrs. Torres

  • I am the parent of a 13 year old girl and have found what the kids are taking in from each other on a daily basis is very disheartening. There have been many instances of negative and out right mean words and acts towards, not only at my daughter but so many others that I think "there has to be another way!" Our school district just implemented new technologies to the curriculum and feel they should be taking some responsibility on how to keep kids safe and to not make it another monitoring job for the parents. This seems like it could be a great starting point and hope to see it available soon at our school! What an inspiring teen! Thank you Trisha! – Parent from a Middle school at Waltham, MA, USA

  • I am 60 years old and was cyberbullied by my adopted 20-year old daughter. Trisha, ReThink would help stop my hurting too! – Excerpt from a Handwritten letter, Arlington Heights, USA

  • We would like to adopt ReThink to avoid cybersexism and violence against women. In this perspective, we would be really interested in trying ReThink, as we believe it is one of the best way to avoid cybersexism! – Organization focused on Violence against Woman, Paris, France

  • Hi Trisha, My name is Kaitlyn and I Am in 8th grade. I have chosen to do my teenager innovator essay on you and ReThink, because you are such an inspiration. I love what you are doing and how impactful this will be. Thank you so so much for what you are doing. It will really make a difference – Student from Los Angeles, USA

  • Our school has always been thought of as a bad place to grow up. Being that I was bullied growing up I want my children to never have to face that. My son, only 6 years old has seen the face of bullying online already. I think this will help immensely! – Parent from Battle Creek, MI