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A ReThink chapter is an organized forum to spearhead the ReThink movement in your local school and/or community. We encourage schools, colleges, libraries, community centers, and health centers to start a ReThink Chapter at their institution. Every ReThink chapter is part of the global ReThink movement to stop online hate and promote tolerance and inclusivity. By starting a chapter at your school, college, or community, you have the ability to lead and empower your fellow adolescents to become safe and responsible digital citizens. (new paragraph) Educators and/or administrators are encouraged to download our chapter starter pack and select students to lead a ReThink chapter. Selected student leaders should work with their school or institution to formalize their chapter. These student leaders then organize activities throughout the school year in conjunction with their school's administration to promote awareness of online and in-person bullying and to create a more tolerant, inclusive environment.

Please see the ReThink Chapter FAQ's to learn more about the program.

Request/Download starter pack

We invite educators, administrators, or counselors to become ReThink Advisors by 1) requesting our chapter starter pack and 2) selecting interested students to head a ReThink chapter.


All ReThink Chapter Student Leaders should spend the summer organizing the launch of their ReThink Chapter at the onset of the academic year. Organization/preparation may include creating a chapter-specific website, planning activities, or communicating with faculty members regarding anti-hate campaigns/initiatives. Each school will have its own needs, so chapters should focus on what is most important to their academic community.


ReThink Chapters meet to conquer cyberbullying through school-specific activities! With youth leading the way, institutions can ReThink online hate and create a better culture - online and offline.

ReThink Chapter: Start one at your school!

ReThink is more than technology. It's a movement. Find out how we can join forces to end online hate